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New Patient Guideline for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


Patient Forms

Upon entering our clinic our receptionist will greet you at the 1st floor main reception area and welcome you as a member of our patients.  We will request you fill patient intake forms. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.




At the acupuncture & oriental medicine department of Good Day Total Health Clinic, a patient’s initial visit begins with a thorough review of one’s personal history, including past medical history and current maladies.


Oriental Medicine methods of diagnosis include reading (taking) your pulse, examining your tongue, and palpating for tenderness on the abdomen and at various acupuncture points. 
At our clinic, we may use an advanced computerized meridian tester for the further detail data if necessary


Report of Findings

Once all the information and examinations have been performed, our doctor of oriental medicine will give you a report of findings to answer your questions. After discussing with you about your history and your goals, examining your condition and reviewing the meridian test, the doctor of oriental medicine will discuss recommendations with you. If you have a condition that requires care with other providers, the doctor will inform you what will be a proper treatment field for your condition. For the conditions that we can help at Good Day Total Health Clinic, we will recommend appropriate treatment and our wellness program.


Patients will generally be provided with their first treatment at the conclusion of the appointment. This may include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and herbal medicine will be prescribed.  Treatment is interactive with you so you can express any concerns you have about the style of treatment you will be most comfortable with. Most patients find the treatment very relaxing, which brings on a feeling of well-being. Most are surprised at how comfortable they are during treatment and how easily the needles are placed. Some people even go to sleep during treatment. Rest assured, the needles are far different from the hypodermic needles used in giving injections. The tiny thin needles are specifically designed to be virtually painless.


Wellness Program

Prior to leaving, patients will be instructed on a wellness program to be conducted at home. If you are in pain when you first come into our office this may include ice or heat application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.  If you desire a wellness lifestyle with an active participation of our wellness program at Good Day facility, we will work with you to create an individual wellness program to complete you optimal health. The foundation of our overall wellness lifestyle is maintaining healthy posture and good spinal alignment, eating a healthy diet, taking proper supplements, keeping your weight under control and stress relief.