About Oriental Medicine


What is Oriental Medicine?

Oriental medicine is a traditional medicine that is based upon Oriental philosophy.  In the process of defending against the nature and diseases for thousands of years, discovery of effective herbal medicine was made, and through the innumerable practices, experiences, and realizations, Oriental herbal medicine was developed and systemized theoretically.

Each individual herb has different properties such as taste and temperature and enters different organs in the body.  When the herbs are combined, through the mutual harmony, the treatment effect is increased and the side effects reduced.  A usual prescription or a formula can consist of four to fifteen herbs or more.

After a diagnosis is made, the herbs of same or different categories of functions are selected and combined, or a well known traditional formula is prescribed.  The formula is customized and adjusted to fit the patient's individual symptoms and diagnosis.

The formula brings about the treatment effect by regulating Qi (Energy), Blood and Body Fluids which are the fundamental substances that form the body.

Since Oriental herbal medicine is also based upon Yin-Yang and the five elements theory, when it is used in conjunction with acupuncture, it gives total harmony and balance to the whole body, thus maximum treatment effect can be acquired.


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