Treatment Methods




Thin, sterile, stainless steel needles are placed in specific acupuncture points.  These needles are at least five times thinner than a typical hypodermic needle and insertion is usually painless.  Disposable, one time use needles are used and universal precautions are followed to prevent the spread of disease.


“Moxa” is a Chinese herb from the Chrysanthemum family (Folium Artemisiae Vulgaris), commonly known as mugwort.  It is rolled into sticks or cones and burned either on or above the skin.  This aromatic herb creates a sensation which is warming and pleasant.  It helps to regulate the body and strengthen the immune system.

Electric Stimulatio 

A very low level electrical current may be applied to the needles.  This is often used for muscle spasms and as acupuncture analgesia.  It helps reduce pain, induce labor, and enhances the treatment’s effect.


The practice of applying; pressure on parts of the body to relieve pain. Often called “Tuina” or “Shiatsu”.  These refer to different types of massage.  These techniques are applied to enhance the overall treatment and facilitate the movement of qi.


A therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin’s surface by creating a vacuum.  This technique is utilized to warm the body and promote the free flow of qi and blood.  It also relieves pain from strains and sprains, alleviates asthma, coughs and intestinal disorders, and expels pus.



Herbology is an intrinsic aspect of Oriental Medicine.  Herbs are prescribed to reduce acute conditions or as a dietary supplement which builds and strengthens the body.




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