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Choosing A Doctor of Chiropractic


Critical Points To Consider When Choosing A Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Scope of treatment options
    Do they provide just chiropractic adjustment for neck and back? Some conditions require more than that. At Good Day, we offer not only gentle, non-invasive chiropractic adjustments but also physical therapy/rehabilitation, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, and more. Although Chiropractic Department at Good Day Total Health Clinic places an emphasis on non invasive drug free approach, we also have an active referral system for medical care when so indicated by our clinical findings. In fact, Chiropractors, MDs, physical therapists and other health care professionals now work as partners in occupational health, sports medicine, and a wide variety of other rehabilitation practices.

  • Knowledge of techniques                                      
    Basic chiropractic adjustments for the neck and back are commonplace. We use a wide variety of chiropractic techniques based on your condition and preferences. That combined with our wide variety of treatment options means that we can treat conditions like migraines all the way to conditions of the foot, ankle and all points in between. For example one device we use is called a decompression table that is specifically designed for herniated/protruded discs and pinched nerves.

  • Do they offer a customized wellness program just for you?
    It's common for a busy chiropractic provider to simply not have the time needed to provide a customized treatment program suited specifically to your needs. Most often you will receive a kind of "one size fits all" treatment. Sometimes that is actually enough to solve the problem but if you had a choice for around the same cost wouldn't you rather have the extra attention? We have found that tailoring our treatments to the specific needs of each patient yields greater results.

  • Do they have the credentials?
    Always make sure the doctors you are seeing are fully licensed and have at the minimum some real life experience. We have plenty of experience in chiropractic and holistic health care. Over 80% of our business comes by way of personal referrals.

  • Is the atmosphere of the office relaxing and comfortable?
    Some doctors' offices just don’t feel that great to be in. You are going to feel better in an office that welcomes you, is interested in your well-being and respects your time. One of the most prideful things about our clinic is unique and gorgeous interior design and style as well as highly advanced state of art medical equipments in 8,150 sqf. sized open an welcoming facility, hence patients’ level of comfort get optimized when they visit our office.