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Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic


  • What can chiropractic do for me?
    Spine is the lifeline of your nervous system. 
    Chiropractic is a natural method of healthcare that focuses on correcting causes of physical problem.  Your spinal cord carries information through the body and is responsible for all bodily functions.  Our goal in this clinic is to turn your health around.  Instead of muscle relaxant or addictive pain pills, a better strategy is to help restore more normal position or function to the spine. Chiropractors are commonly known as only the neck pain and back pain doctors, but chiropractic can effectively help a variety of other health concerns. 

  • What are chiropractic treatments?          
    The major treatment technique is called an ‘adjustment’. There are various forms ofadjustment
    techniques from very gentleand light to firm and powerful, which will be effectively and carefully chosen for an individual’s unique condition. It can also be performed manually and/or instrumentally. The goal of adjustment is to increase the range and quality of motion in the areas being treated and to in restoring health. Chiropractic adjustments can help normalize spinal structureand function and thereby allows for the removal of any nerve interference that is present. To provide effective and safe treatment depending on each patient’s condition.

  • Can any doctor perform an adjustment on me?
    Doctors of chiropractic are the only health care professionals trained to deliver chiropractic adjustments. Many years of study and practice are necessary to acquire the skills of providing an effective and safe adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments represent the cornerstone of the chiropractic profession. To perform the adjustment a chiropractor skillfully applies a quick but gentle controlled force into a misaligned joint. Depending on the technique that your chiropractor uses, the adjustment may be delivered using the hands or through the use of a specialized mechanical tool.

  • Does chiropractic hurt?
    No. It’s not painful at all. Although the treatment style of the particular chiropractor you visit will play a major role, all the technique at Good Day Total Health Clinic will be applied by your comfort level.

  • What can I expect on my first visit?
    The first thing a chiropractor will do is ask you about problems you are experiencing. The Doctor will also ask about your family history, dietary habits, other care you may have had, your job and other questions designed to help determine the nature your illness and the best way to go about treating the problem. A physical exam and x-ray will be performed. A physical exam includes thorough neurologic, orthopedic, and chiropractic tests to determine the cause of the problem.

  • Can I have chiropractic care after back surgery?
    Yes. Rest assured that your chiropractic doctor will avoid the surgically modified areas of your spine. Surgery often causes instability above or below the involved area. These areas will be the focus of your chiropractic care.

  • How long until I feel better?
    Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others discover it can take 1-2 weeks to begin feeling better. Many factors can affect the healing process. How long have you had your problem? Are you keeping your appointments? Are you getting the proper rest, exercise and nutrition? Do you smoke? Are you in otherwise good condition? Within a short period of time, most patients sense enough progress to fully carry out their doctor's recommendations.

  • How long will I need chiropractic care?
    After patients get the relief they want, many choose to continue with some type of periodic care. These patients show up for their visits feeling great. These visits can help support the final stages of healing and help detect and resolve new problems before they become serious. Our job is to offer the very best care and your job is to decide how much of it you want.

  • Are all patients adjusted the same way?
    No. Each patient's spine and care plan is unique. With 24 moving bones in the spine, each of which can move in seven different directions, we see a wide variety of spinal patterns. Each patient's care is custom-tailored for their age, condition and health goals.

  • Do you offer more than just chiropractic treatment?
    Much more. Here at Good Day Total Health Clinic we offer gentle non-force chiropractic treatments but also incorporate acupuncture, soothing therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, nutritional support and a full rehabilitation suite. We create a fully integrated holistic answer for your problem. Click here to read more about the services we provide.

  • Is chiropractic just for backs?
    It really depends on the chiropractor; some only like to treat neck and back. At Good Day Total Health Clinic we treat the whole body from head to toe and every joint in between. We also treat conditions like migraines, sleeping problem, ankle sprain, etc.. using all of the natural techniques at our disposal.

  • Is chiropractic safe?
    Yes! Chiropractic is a non-invasive and natural way to restore normal mobility to joints and improve nervous system function. Chiropractic is the way to enhance overall health. In fact, chiropractors pay only a fraction of what traditional doctors pay for malpractice insurance because there are so few mistakes made. Chiropractors use many different techniques to correct subluxations. Our doctor uses a variety of adjustment styles (Diversified, Cox technique, Thompson technique, Activator, and Flexion-distraction, etc.) depending on a person's individual needs and preferences.

  • What is the "cracking" sound?    
    A British research team may have solved this mystery. They took video fluoroscopy (x-ray movies)of people cracking their knuckles. It was reported that the cracking sound was caused by gas rushing into fill the partial vacuum created when the joints were slightly separated.

  • What is subluxation?        
    A subluxation means a slight dislocation (misalignment) that causes compression, tension, irritation and damage to the central nervous system. The interference causes the organs and muscles of the body to malfunction and heal poorly because the central nervous system controls the entire body.

  • What causes a subluxation?
    A fall, injury trauma, neglect or sometimes an inherited spinal weakness can displace a joint. Other causes of subluxation include improper sleeping conditions or habits, poor posture, occupational hazards, incorrect lifting, obesity, lack of excercise or rest, toxins