Conditions Treated

Headaches Frozen Shoulder Whiplash
Neck Pain & Back Pain Tennis Elbow Automobile Injury
Disc Problems Golfer's elbow Sports Injuries
Hand Numbness & Tingling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Worker’s compensation
Fibromayalgia Stress Woman’s Health
TMJ Dysfunction Osteoporosis Children’s Health




Many people recognize that emotional stress can cause painful headaches. Such stress can cause muscle tension and deprive the body of essential nutrients that maintain the ligaments of the spine.  When these essential nutrients are deficient, spinal ligaments will become lax allowing spinal bones to subluxate (misalign).  When spinal bones misalign nerves become compressed causing pressure to build and headache symptoms to appear.

Most people turn to pain pills to relieve their headache pain. But what most people do not realize is that by taking a pain pill you are simply masking the symptoms and not correcting the cause. A Chiropractor will find the cause of your reoccurring headaches and correct it naturally without harmful drugs or surgery. 





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