Spine Check List


Simple Spine Checklist
________________to see if your spine is unhealthy…


You may have a subluxation for long time before symptom appears.

An unhealthy spine is characterized by not only pain but also bad posture, tight muscle, decreased movement, degeneration of bone and disc, tingling or numbness. Following signs are indicative that your spine needs an adjustment.

Are you unable to turn your head to either side easily and equally?
Do you have headaches, backaches, sore spots in muscle or joints?
Does your hand or arm get numb when on the computer for long?
Do your heels wear out unevenly?
Do you have “noisy” joints that cracks a lot when you move?
Do you have poor posture? i.e: one shoulder lower, forward head, foot flares out
Are you unable to take a satisfying deep breath?


If you have over three symptoms listed above, you may consider your spine is not in good condition.
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