Therapeutic massage is a healing touch that applies pressure on the muscles of the body. It is an age-old remedy which has proven to be an effective complement to chiropractic and physical therapy. 

Benefits of Massage
The therapeutic effects of massage are recognized by personal and clinical experience, and supported by scientific research.  They include:

  • General relaxation

  • Improved circulation

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Improvement in cellular nutrition

  • Helps relieve pain in muscles and related soft tissues

  • Reduction of anxiety

Anyone living in today's hectic world can benefit from massage. Those who are particularly good candidates are athletes (both weekend and competitive), office workers who spend many hours at a desk or computer, people who stand all day (waiters, for example) as well as those who do a lot of lifting and anyone in highly stressful situations. Muscle pain and nervous system tension are two manifestations of everyday stress and strain that most of us experience. Massage helps to alleviate symptoms and restore balance to frenzied lives



Series of 10 treatments will have a 10% discount off total price.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage using classic technique lets your mind drift as your experienced therapist works to relax your body.





Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve over stressed muscle groups by applying a slow, deep pressure across the muscle grain. 





Acupressure/Shiatsu Massage

This ancient healing method applies static and moving pressure on specific points and meridians in the body to release blocked energy or “CHI” flow.





Hot Stone Massage

A Native American technique combining Swedish massage with warm stone therapy is particularly helpful for poor circulation and the relief of arthritis pain. 






Lipomassage utilizes a computerized machine that massages tissues under suction to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins, thus speeding the healing process. Use of the machine that often feels like deep tissue massage allows 30times faster circulation and detoxification than manual therapy. With series of treatments, cellulites and stretching tight tissue bands can be treated effectively.


Pregnancy/Pre-Natal Massage

Therapeutic and nurturing massage for the expectant mother. Side-lying positions are used for safety and comfort. *No abdominal massage performed.




sports massageSports Massage

Sports Massage can be characterized two ways: pre-activity and post-activity massage. Pre-activity uses dynamic stretching to allow the connective tissue to work through a full range of motion. thereby reducing possible injury. Post-activity massage focuses on recovering the muscle tissue that may have been impacted doing the particular sport. It involves long strokes to flush out the toxins that causes soreness in the muscles and joints

Sports Massage is just one of the massage modalities we may incorporate as we customize your massage.



Our therapists perform a gentle pressure point massage to help release blockages and re establish energy flow to improve circulation, release stress and ease pain.





Oriental Meridian Massage

The meridians are pathways that connect the acupressure points to each other as well as to the internal organs. Just as blood vessels carry the blood that nourishes the body physically, the meridians are distinct channels that circulate electrical energy throughout the body. They are thought to be part of a master communications system of universal life energy, connecting the organs with all sensory, physiological, and emotional aspects of the body. This physical network of energy also contains key points that we can use to deepen our spiritual awareness as we heal ourselves.

Because the stimulation of one point can send a healing message to other parts of the body, each acupressure point can benefit a variety of complaints and symptoms. Therefore, we can find a particular acupressure point used for a variety of problems.


meridianSide view of anatomical chart

















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