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Laser Hair Removal




What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser and/or an intense, pulsating beam of light to remove unwanted hair. As a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle, the treatment method damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.
With conventional hair removal laser, the effectiveness and safety of treatment usually depends on the characteristics of the individual such as their skin type, hair color and pigment, but Good Day Medical Spa uses the innovative elōs Technology, Syneron® Hair Removal systems enabling us to provide a safe treatment for all patients regardless of skin color and hair color.

Syneron® Hair Removal systems

Powered by the revolutionary elōs Technology, Syneron® Hair Removal systems are setting new standards of speed, safety, and efficacy, in the removal of even minimally-pigmented hair colors, and all skin tones, including tanned skin.
Results using conventional optical only systems are limited because they operate indirectly by superheating the melanin in the hair shaft and hope for enough collateral thermal damage. Syneron® Laser Hair Removal Systems achieve superior results because they precisely target and destroy the hair follicle through a process known as Vortex heating.


How Syneron® Laser Hair Removal Systems Work

Using revolutionary elōs Technology, our systems first preheat the target using optical energy, which creates a thermal path on which the radio frequency (RF) travels. RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which can not conduct RF. The build-up of current density results in 4x heat coefficient thermal transfer. Under 80X magnification, distinct peri-follicular coagulation or bleaching is evident. The hair follicle is terminally disabled and denatured.




Benefits of Syneron® Laser Hair Removal Systems

  • No restriction on skin type or hair color

    With conventional hair removal laser, skin type, hair color and pigment are all factors that can determine the outcomefor a person, but there is no exclusionary criteria based on skin type or hair color with Syneron® Hair Removal systems.

  • Fast treatment speed

The Syneron® Laser Hair Removal Systems have an added benefit of treating large zones very fast.

  • High treatment efficacy

In a study which included skin types II-V showed 35-42% clearance 3 months after a single treatment. Post treatment hair extrusion occurs around 2-3 weeks. Some hair shafts can be pulled out of the follicle immediately post-treatment without resistance, indicating disengagement from the follicle while the hair shaft is still intact (i.e. has not been singed by the laser heat)- the bi-polar RF energy effect is clearly evident.)

  • Safety

Treatment is very safe for the skin. There are many advances in the technology that make elōs one of the safest hair removal systems available for all skin colors. There are no long term health hazards from laser or electric energies used in elōs. Both optical and radio frequency have been used for decades in medicine, surgery, and aesthetics without adversity.

  • Pleasurable treatment

Everyone has different pain tolerances but most patients are treated without topical anesthetic creams. The chilled air device, SynerCool™ is very helpful for discomfort during treatment and especially when fast, auto-repeat firing is used for large treatment zones.

  • Minimal to no downtime

After treatment, most patient experiences no downtime though a few may exhibit some short-term local reddening.


Treatment Areas

  • Facial Hair (Upper lip, Chin and Sides of the face)  

Unwanted facial hair on women often appears on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face.
Women often choose to tweeze the hairs on these areas. Overall, this is not the best solution because repeated plucking can cause irritation in the hair follicle and, on darker-skinned women, can also result in scarring unless you tweeze just a few stray hairs that occasionally pop up. Waxing also is not recommended for the chin area, where hair tends to be coarser. Waxing can be problematic for darker-skinned women, who sometimes experience discoloration due to irritation and inflammation.

Facial hairs are mostly responded well to laser treatmentwith over 50 percent to 70 percent reduction rate after three treatments and complete removal with additional treatments. However if the cause of the hair growth is a hormonal, so you are experiencing an abnormal growth of hair on the facial areas or if the hair is very thick, you are not a good candidate for a laser hair removal.

  • Bikini

Although hair removal of the pubic area is widely sought after, and effective, there are more than just aesthetic concerns whentreating this area. The bikini area is also a region of common occurring folliculitis, inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Not only does this result in itchy and painful lesions, but fairly often secondary hyperpigmentation and darkening of the skin occur from the inflammation. Fortunately, the laser has been very helpful in reducing, or eliminating, hair growth and diminishing, or stopping, recurrent folliculitis.
In three to six treatments, bikini laser hair removal may accomplish a permanent reduction in the majority of pubic hair. The procedure is very rapid and well tolerated. Even the hair that remains is many times reduced in diameter, making them significantly less of a cosmetic issue while also reducing the irritation of the hair follicle. Overall, this procedure is commonly performed with high patient satisfaction.


  • Underarms

    Underarm laser hair removal is a common procedure for patients seeking to remove unwanted under arm hair. The laser targets those hairs which are in their growth phase, and as hairs go through cycles, multiple sessions may be needed to remove all hair permanently.

Since this is usually a small area to treat (armpits), removal of underarm hair is one of the fastest procedures in laser therapy, requiring only several minutes of treatment time. The procedure is generally without much pain.


  • Arms & Legs
    Unwanted arm and leg hair can be unattractive and unsightly, causing many people to be insecure about their appearance. Traditional remedies, such as shaving or waxing offer only a short-term solution to the problem. In many cases, by the time the irritation of waxing or shaving has passed, the problem hair has begun to return.
    Laser hair removal offers a lasting solution to unwanted arm and leg hairs. The pulses of light from the laser target the hair follicles, damaging the hairs at their roots. This causes the hair to fall out—and shocks the follicles into a new resting period, during which new hair doesn’t grow. Much of the hair never grows back. Those hairs that do return are typically much thinner in diameter—and, thus, less noticeable.
    Most people receive lasting results in 3 to 6 treatments and with typically less pain or discomfort than waxing. Treatments are usually over in less than one hour for arms. As the legs have a relatively large surface area, laser hair removal on the legs may take up to an hour. The length of your sessions will depend on your hair thickness and density, the surface area being treated, and other factors.
    Annual maintenance treatments may be needed to ensure the hair doesn’t grow back.


  • Back Hair
    Hair on the back can be more than just an aesthetic issue. Occasionally the hair can become irritated, and itchy, and the hair follicles may become infected. The discomfort is worsened with exercise, warm weather and associated sweating.
    The hair presentation can vary from very dense to sparse. Either way, laser hair removal can be extremely helpful in reducing, or eliminating, undesired hair.
    One laser session can cover the whole back and is relatively well tolerated by the patient. In four to six treatment sessions a permanent reduction in the majority of hair can be achieved. With continued treatments, most hair may become permanently smaller or totally eliminated. Even those patients with thicker, coarse hair may have a significant permanent thinning of the diameter of many of the hairs, in addition to achieving a reduction in hair density. Those hairs that remain may be much less of a concern to the patient. This is especially important to those patients who have recurrent irritation from their back hair.







  • Chest and Abdominal Hair

For some men, excessive chest and abdominal hair is a source ofirritation and embarrassment. They feel uncomfortable going shirtless in public, and even when they wear a shirt, they dislike having their excess hair extend out from under their clothing. For men who are active in sports, such as swimming and diving, having thick, dense chest and abdominal hair can actually impede their performance.
Tweezing, waxing, and using chemical depilatory creams to remove unwanted chest and abdominal hair can be impractical as well as painful. These hairs grow quickly, so removing them with these traditional methods can be very time-consuming. Traditional methods can also cause skin irritation.
Laser is an ultimate solution for removing unwanted chest and abdominal hair. The procedure is relatively quick and pain-free, usually taking less than an hour for a single session it depends on the size of area. After 3 to 6 treatment sessions most men are satisfied with their results.


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