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Conventional or Wellness Solution for acne?

Conventional Acne Treatment

The most common treatment that is used to control and tame acne is Benzoyl peroxide. This is the main ingredient used in most topical creams. This acid (normally 2%) kills bacteria and also dries the skin’s inflammatory pores. Salicylate and Glycolic acid and some fruit based acid solutions, available over the counter, help in destroying bacteria and shedding skin so that the bacteria does not get a chance to reproduce. However the topical creams that contain Zinc, Sulphur or Benzyl peroxide, Salicylate and Glycolic acid may reduce pimples, but they can also burn and leave skin dry and blotchy.

Dermatologists may take recourse to the antibiotic alternative. A variety of tetracycline based drugs and its derivatives are used as a systemic antibiotic treatment. These antibiotics do improve acne conditions temporarily, but unfortunately it has an uncomfortable, burning or drying sensation. They also interfere with the balance of healthy intestinal flora, making the problem cyclic. 
In severe cases of cystic acne or chronic acne that does not respond to antibiotics, a retinoic acid derivative known as isotretinoin (Accutane) can be used. This kind of oral medication can, in some cases, significantly reduces sebum production; however it can cause significant risks including itching, headaches, muscle pain, and hair loss. One of the baggiest side effects out of this drug is serious birth defects. As the manufacturer cautions, malformation of the fetal brain, spine, skull, and heart are possible if used just before or during pregnancy.  Other side effects include loss of bone density, arthritis and depression. 
Most chemical based acne products and antibiotic medications seem having relatively a fast result in the beginning. In this reason, chemical based strong ingredients have been a first choice of acne treatment in many cases. However we should not overlook the fact that bacteria tends to become resistant to antibiotics. Once the resistance has developed, the antibiotic will not be effective any longer, and you have to increase the dosage more and more to have it work. In result, overused chemicals interfere with the balance of healthy defensive immune system and break the natural healing ability of our body then it causes periodic problem cycle which makes the condition worse.  

Wellness Solution for Acne

Now we know that the common approaches are using drying, peeling and extracting substances to pimples, blemishes, and acne cause irritation, inflammation, and oxidation, often leading to permanent damage to the skin. So when you choose a wellness approach to acne, you treat symptoms without harsh medicines or exfoliating, oxidizing ingredients.

Actually to be able to combat acne problems ultimately, the immune system has to secrete hormone-like substances known as inflammatory mediators effectively. This is the main indication of a link between the immune system, health and acne. Therefore the wellness approach goes right to the cause of breakouts by gently preventing bacteria growth and balancing oil production. To reach this optimal condition, damaged skin has to be replaced with new healthy skin.

There are various natural ways to stimulate skin regeneration through natural ingredients and/or non-invasive advanced medical devices. For instance, herbs for immune system can effectively strengthen the automatic responses of the body when there is an excess production of hormones and therefore can help in prevention of acne. In addition, herbal antibiotics such as aloe, garlic and grapefruit provide an effective protection against bacteria. Another example is a non-invasive antibacterial light therapy which is called LED Lumifacial treatment.  The specified light wavelength for acne penetrates into the superficial dermis and calms the sebaceous gland. In effectively calming this gland, any existing blemishes and acne will be treated.

No matter what type of methods are used, the main goal of the wellness approach is same as detoxifying unhealthy skin and boosting up natural self healing system so that the healthy immune system defenses the invasion of the toxins or infectious material effectively and maintain a healthy resilient skin condition. This is the ultimate way to break a problem cycle.
Remember that acne removal will probably not work overnight; a healthy diet, stress-relieving exercise and patience will work alongside any pharmaceutical treatment or wellness treatment to improve your body’s natural ability to fight and prevent the reoccurrence of acne.



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