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Treatment for Auto Accident Injury

For the automobile accident victims, Good Day Total Health Clinic provides the best treatment plan to remove their pain and to repair the injuries as quickly as possible by focusing on its cause. Chandler Pain Clinic Auto Injury

When you arrive at our facility for auto accident injury, you will receive a through examination with highly advanced technology such as a digital x-ray, surface electromyography and other diagnostic tools to locate and document the specifics of your injuries. Once we have diagnosed your injuries treatment may be prescribed with a combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, therapeutic massage & rehabilitation exercises with neuromuscular reeducation and various therapeutic activities and acupuncture.

We focus our treatment plan on the actual cause of the symptoms, rather then just treating the symptoms alone. Pain and other symptoms are your body’s alarm systems tell us that something is wrong. If all the efforts are directed at the alarm and not the actual fire, the house burns down. If we make positive changes at the specific injured site we can fix the pain by fixing the problem, not just masking it with drugs. Correcting the vertebral misalignments resolves the nerve pressure causing the headache, removing the scar tissue causing the constant muscle spasm, removing the joint irritation causing the inflammation and fixing the shoulder weakness.

When you treat and remove the cause of the injury, your body, which is the best doctor in the world, is able to heal those structures. This is the only way for a permanent resolution with any injury. For if you treat the effects of the injury, the symptoms, and not the actual cause, the pain will just keep coming back again and again.

This is how our clinic is different, by fixing the problems, not managing them and allowing them to get worse over time.

*Disclaimer: May not be available depending on practitioners availability.Call for more information. TEL: 703-914-4663