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What to do list if a car accident happen


What to do list if a car accident happens


1. Check if you are injured or have any pain.
If so, do not hesitate to call an ambulance for emergency care. If you don’t have an apparent visible injury, stay calm and remain at the scene

2. Do not admit fault.
If you have a camera, take a picture of the vehicles and the accident scene.

3. Look for if there is any witness.

4. Call the police to report the accident.
Even if it’s a minor accident and the other driver admitted that it was his/ her fault on the site, there is always a chance that the other driver reports his/her insurance company that it was your fault later.  

5. While you wait for the police, collect pertinent information of other driver license,  vehicle, and auto insurance as well as witness’ contact information to file a claim. If a driver of other car and an owner of the other car are different, you need to collect the car owner’s information as well.

Please use the “Car Accident Check List” provided by Good Day Total Health Clinic as a guide.
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5. Actively participate to the investigating process of police and clearly answer to all the   questions. If you need an interpreter, let the police know you need the service to provide   
the accurate information.  Make sure to ask a written police report be made at the end of the procedure and collect police officer’s name & badge number.  

6. Do not leave the accident scene until all the information has been acquired and verified.

7. Call your car insurance and report the accident.
Sometimes your local agent may disguise you not to claim the accident to your insurance and have you to claim only to the other party’s, but this is wrong. For any type of auto accident either it’s your fault or not, it is your right to receive both benefits from your insurance policy and the other party’s. Therefore, make sure to report the accident directly to the head quarter of your insurance company.   

8. It is more important to get your injuries documented by a doctor than hiring an attorney to protect your right. Call the auto injury specialist at Good Day Total Health Clinic for consultation, examination, and further necessary  instruction. If you have a problem with filing a claim to your insurance company and/or the other party, our auto injury special team may assist you. 

9. If you do choose to obtain the services of an attorney on your own, Good Day Total Health Clinic will provide him/her with the medical evidence that we have collected in the course of your care in order to help your attorney obtain a satisfactory settlement. Please remember proper medical documentation is crucial to protect your rights. If you would like to obtain an attorney but you have no preferred choice, then we will help you to find the most reputable and experienced attorney for car accidents cases.

Do not let the stress of a car accident ruin your day.
Complicated insurance processes should not prevent you from receiving proper care.
Symptoms following the car accidents may be subtle at first, but a lack of treatment now, may lead to chronic pain later.
The possible damage done to your car is only minuscule to the injuries your body may have pertained because unlike auto parts, your body is irreplaceable.

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