Good Day Weight Loss Management Programs  

The program may be consisting of combinations of 2 or more depending onindiviual's unique condition.

Weight Loss Acupuncture

Oriental Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss

Liver detoxification

Intestinal Cleanse

Endermologie Body Sculpting

Nutritional counseling

Fitness Exercises
- Diet Power Yoga / Zumba / Personal Fitness Training



Fitness Exercises

Other important tools that can aid in weight loss are stress reduction techniques and a moderate exercise regimen. Good Day Total Health Clinic suggests various stress reduction methods that may include breathing exercises, yoga, Zumba, and Personal Fitness Training. And since the goal of a weight program is not only weight loss but the maintenance of that loss, an exercise program that the patient likes is the best one to choose. Whatever from of rigorous exercise the person enjoys and can maintain for the long term. Our fitness programs effectively build lean body mass and help to reduce body fat as well as strengthen and build bone mass and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Power Yoga

A dynamic, high intensity form of yoga for individuals who are looking for a more challenging & energizing workout. Taking a big advantage of both Yoga and Weight controls! This fusion core class will awake your body and mind. With a focus on increasing your strength and flexibility, this workout will keep you energized all day long. Diet Power Yoga classes will include a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training.





*Disclaimer: May not be available depending on practitioners availability.Call for more information. TEL: 703-914-4663