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Posture Correction Program

At Good Day Total Health Clinic, various modalities are employed in the Posture Correction treatment of faulty body mechanics and hence postural faults: Chiropractic Adjustment and Physical Therapy, Posture Correcting Exercise using specialized equipment for posture correction and non equipment bases of Custom Strengthening and Stretching Exercises. Along with this treatment, proper daily supports at home will be prescribed.


Chiropractic Adjustment & Physical Therapy
Chiropractic adjustment is one of most important treatment method to release and accompanying fixation. When you get old, your spine gets old too. Daily stress not only increases wrinkles of your face, but also increases your subluxation, spinal misalignments. A specific chiropractic adjustment can correct a spinal misalignment, reduces stress to your spine, and keeps your spine as healthy as possible. Along with the adjustment, physical therapy modalities may be prescribed to strengthen weak muscles and ligaments depending on individual’s unique condition. Consult our doctor to see if you are in sufficiently good shape to exercise and need to have treatment.

Posture Correction Exercises
Certain well developed exercise systems also include elements geared toward maintaining or developing proper posture. Shortened agonist muscles must be stretched before the antagonist muscle can be optimally exercised to increase their strength, or vice versa.

  • Body Align Exercise
    Specifically designed posture correction device to strengthen the back & correct poor posture. Its function is based on the principles of Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation.
    If poor posture is caused by habitual forward movement, resulting in a slumped outward appearance, then the condition can be reversed with a guided exercise movement in the exact opposite direction.

    The patented exercise motion of the Body Align machine corrects the muscular imbalance (between opposing muscle groups) that causes poor posture by training the body in the exact opposite direction of a slump. It stretches tight muscles in front & strengthens the weak muscles in back, while providing a stimulating massage to the muscles along the spine.
    The mechanical action (of the newly trained muscle groups) acts upon the skeletal system to reverse the forward "tug-of-war" responsible for poor posture & draw your spine back into proper alignment.

  • Back Stretcher
    This Back Stretching device excels at lengthening your body: as you lean backward on the stretcher, it slowly expands your discs, helping reduce backaches, realign your spine, and improve your posture. In addition, as you gently lower yourself back down, you'll also challenge your abs, helping you firm up your stomach muscles. Unlike traditional crunches, it keeps your neck in a proper position, so you get an effective abdominal workout without straining your spine. Combination of the features will be a terrific device to strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility at the same time and it will balance the body structure, hence it helps to correct your posture.

  • Cervical Traction
    Cervical Traction Device is essential to and effective in restoring the normal curve of the neck. This can greatly enhance the process to posture recovery.

  • Cervical Posture Pump Exerciser

    A great way to start correcting poor neck posture is the neck exercises which are designed to help gain control over postural neck muscles which have become weak and fatigued over time. Cervical Posture Pump is great exercise equipment to help restoring good cervical curvature.

  • Lumbar Elliptical Back Rocker Exerciser
    Giving gentle relief, designed to help restore proper lumbar alignment.

  • Yoga & Pilates
    Yoga is well known for the corrective effects of its postures. Pilates is another exercise system that explicitly emphasizes the necessity and benefits of proper posture. Both yoga and Pilates require little or no special equipment, but may be modified in numerous ways to support your back as you develop strength.

  • Customized Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
    Each patient with poor posture may have unique condition. Our doctor will prescribe a custom exercise plan for each patient’s condition after evaluation of individual’s weak and tight muscles. Stretching will help loosen tight muscles that can pull the body out of alignment and create poor posture. Strong back, leg, neck, and ab muscles will improve the posture.

  • Home Instruction for Ergonomic Posture.
    advice on ergonomic seating


Proper Structure Supports

  • Posture Shirts


Rigid restraint is not the solution for your posture correction. This anatomic compression garments are very comfortable, yet create an anatomical change triggered when you put it on.

Sewn into the 4-way stretch material, Nylon, Polyester, and Lycra are strategically placed strips of non-stretch material called Neuro-bands. These bands start at your chest above your pectorals at the clavicle junction, move over your shoulders, traverse the top and bottom of your shoulder blades and connect to a panel that runs down the length of your spine. This banding creates two things; a) a mechanical pull on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons and b) neurological signals to the brain. The combination of mechanical and neurological triggers creates an assist to your body’s natural desire to balance itself.

The built in science of the garment creates a downward tilting in your scapula that subsequently creates more space in your shoulder joint. Your head and shoulders move back as well which takes the excess load (weight) and stress off the cervical and lumbar spine.  When the head and shoulders are back the posture creates increased lung expansion thus greater capacity for oxygen in and out. This is a key feature that allows athletes to participate in their activity/sport much longer than they typically would or to participate with less fatigue.

Physical beauty desires proper posture and this product make you feel beautiful.

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  • Orthotics
    Often postural faults are the result of a leg length discrepancy; either functional or structural (anatomical.) Correction of functional shortness involves a number of factors. First, correction of any structural faults has to be made to allow for the normal weight distribution and normal functioning of the joints and muscles involved. This is done by correcting any muscular imbalances (right vs. left and front vs. back) that become apparent. Adjustments allow all joints to function under a proportionate weight distribution which is essential as they are the holding elements for muscles. Lastly, orthotics are prescribed to maintain any structural discrepancy remaining.
    For more information about orthotics, please inquire to our doctor

  • Ergonomic Chair
    Office work generally requires spending a lot of time sitting at a desk and using a computer. This position creates stress for the spine. To avoid developing a back problem, having the support of an ergonomic office chair may help promote good posture and prevent future problems or pain.
    No one style of chair has been named 'best', but there are a few features that are important components of any ergonomic office chair that you should look for. These features will help you set up your chair for your own specific needs.


If you have difficulties finding an office chair that works for you or ‘the perfect ergonomic chair’ that you found was too pricy, then you may consider this therapeutic Exercise Ball Chair with affordable price.

The ergonomic Exercise Ball chair integrates the benefits of the fitness ball, promoting active sitting while strengthening the back and improving posture. Exercise Ball chairs make it tougher to slouch, so it helps you gain and maintain correct posture. Exercise ball chairs provide muscle control and spinal stabilization. It encourages a slight bouncing movement that keeps leg muscles busy and eases stress and provides very comfortable seating for backs that may develop pain while working at a desk. It also greatly works for children. The chairs help strengthen growing muscles.

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  • Lumbar Support
    Using a Lumbar Support pillow when sitting or driving is critical to maintain good posture. By supporting the back, the head and neck will move back over the shoulders. Lumbar Support can help activate certain muscles to help support better sitting posture and prevent muscle fatigue. It creates a user controlled level of instability to activate muscles which improve posture and can reduce forward head posture.

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  • Cervical Pillow

Choosing a supportive neck pillow is very important since we spend about a third of our time sleeping. This time can be used to help your neck posture rather than hurt it with the proper neck pillow support.

Tempur-pedic pillows provide better support for your neck and body than standard memory foam pillows. The contoured design supports the curve created by your head, neck and shoulders for comforting therapeutic support.

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  • Mattress

The most important consideration when choosing your bed is your body shape that determines how well your bed can support you. It is not only for a good night sleep but also for keeping a balanced good posture during the sleeping hours, hence the good posture can be continuously maintained during the day time.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses conform exactly to your shape, and adjust when you move. TEMPUR® material automatically adapts to support your exact body shape and sleep position. Because it adapts to the curves of your body, heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further—while lighter areas sink in less. That keeps your spine straight—which is how it should be. With your spine more properly aligned, your body relaxes more fully—and you can experience your best night’s sleep and maintain a good structural balance.

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  • Posture Airpacks Back Pack System

Many backpacks are improperly designed and cause the head to move forward to compensate for weight in the back. Make sure you and/or your kids use properly designed backpacks that distribute weight evenly and help to prevent strain that begins the process of poor neck posture.
Posture Airpacks Back Packs have patented lumbar air cushion and wider, foam cushioned shoulder straps, adjustable both top and bottom with unique slide strapping that automatically adjust side-to-side to help maintain correct ergonomic support.



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