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Self Tests for Postural Faults

Self Tests for Postural Faults

The Wall Test- Stand with the back of your hand touching the wall and your heels six inches from the baseboard. With your buttocks touching the wall, check the distance with your hand between your lower back and the wall, and your neck and the wall. If you can get within an inch or two at the low back and two inches at the neck, you are close to having excellent posture. If not, your posture may need professional attention to restore the normal curves of your spine. The Mirror Test- (Anterior View) Stand facing as full length mirror and check to see if:

Posture Checklist

your shoulders are level

your head is straight; no chin deviation; ears are level

the spaces between your arms and sides are equally spaced

your iliac crests and hips are level

a 5° foot flare is shown

arches are not flat

there is no Achilles deviation, and

no evidence of scrunching of the toes


Check for the following:

head is erect, not slumping forward or backwards; no anterior head carriage

chin is parallel to the floor; no hyperlordosis

shoulders are in line with the ears, not drooping forward or pulled back,

stomach is flat; neutral spine

knees are straight, and

pelvis is neutral (slight anterior tilt)


If you have an extremely bad posture and/or a history of back injuries or back aches, it will be good to visit Good Day Total Health Clinic for a professional assessment. Our doctor can advise you on how to better take care of your back and prevent disorders like scoliosis, spondylosis or spondlolisthesis, herniated disc, all of which are specifically aggravated by poor abdominal core stability and pelvic and lumbar joint arthrosis and stiffness.
Please remember that the effects of posture are far reaching, involving your psychology and mood as well as physical energy, respiratory, digestive and musculoskeletal systems.