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Why do you need a good posture?

Many people cause their own body pain through their bad postural habits. People know that their poor posture is probably the root of their problem. However, it is almost impossible to change their long standing habits.

Having good posture is the starting point to living a healthy life. If one has poor posture, it will not only make him/her old and unattractive, but it can also cause severe health issues.

1. A good posture facilitates healthy breathing

If you have a bad posture, your spine is stiff with chronic tension; your breathing muscles must work harder to raise your ribs and open your chest. Because of this extra work, you will be exhausted by the end of the day.  However, if you have a good posture, your muscle will be relaxed, breathing will be easier, and you will have more energy.      

2. A good posture increases concentration

When you study or work, obviously you use your brain. Our brain requires 20% of oxygen to do its job properly. More air, more oxygen. More oxygen, more brain food. Therefore when you are breathing properly, you increase your thinking ability too. With a good posture, you get more oxygen to your brain, and your job can be done more effectively.

3. A good posture improves your image and self confidence.

When you have a good posture, it helps to make you feel more self-confident, without even doing anything else different. People with good postures look smarter and more attractive. Have you ever seen someone with a bad posture and felt the person seemed unkempt, even though the person has not said or done anything yet? On the flip side, someone with a good posture naturally exudes an aura of assertiveness and appeal.

4. A good posture helps immune system
When you have a bad posture, you are giving extra stress to your own body. The stress not only makes you exhausted, but also makes your immune system weaken. A good posture will generate more energy to immune system, which protects you against diseases.  

5. A good posture avoids health complications
A bad posture results in several complications over time, such as increased risks of back pain, slipped disc, pressure inside your chest, poor blood circulation.

You need to understand that the musculoskeletal system is the largest energy user in your body, and when you misuse it and waste energy, you are loading unnecessary stress onto your body that will ultimately make yourself tired, pained, and less functional.