Good Day Weight Loss Management Programs  

The program may be consisting of combinations of 2 or more depending onindiviual's unique condition.

Weight Loss Acupuncture

Oriental Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss

Liver detoxification

Intestinal Cleanse

Endermologie Body Sculpting

Nutritional counseling

Fitness Exercises
- Diet Power Yoga / Zumba / Personal Fitness Training




Oriental Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss

Everyone has a different metabolism and different needs for nutrients therefore customized Oriental Herbal Formula is a good individualized nutritional supplement program. It will include vitamins, minerals, herbs antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals. These will support the diet program and balance the blood sugar to help give the body the strength, energy and defense it needs to maintain the healthy life style that s/he has begun. In addition, this Oriental Herbal Medicine is excellent for appetite suppression and diet, so it is surprisingly effective and safe on diet.
Depending on the patient’s condition, additional herbs may be added in the herbal formula. If there is gas or abdominal distension, herbs named cardamon or magnolia bark will be added or if constipation is a problem a gentle laxative like Semen Pruni or Huo Ma Ren may be used. However an important concept of Oriental Herbal Medicine is to diagnose properly and treat the patient with the correct herbs so as not to consume body fluids or disturb electrolyte balance. Food accumulation may be due to stomach deficiency so the practitioner may add other herbs such as Codonopsis to tonify the stomach energy so the food could descend properly through the digestive tract.


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