In both Western and Eastern medicine, obesity is thought to be related to the causes of thousands of illnesses and diseases which may plague the human body.  Furthermore, obesity can lead to psychological disorders such as poor self-esteem and depression. 

Our groundbreaking Holistic Weight-Loss Management program has great combination of amazing oriental medicine remedies and advanced western technology. It consists of specialized acupuncture for weight loss, oriental herbal medicine, liver detoxification, intestinal cleanse, endermologie, nutritional diet plan and exercise programs such as diet power yoga, zumba, and/or fitness training gives you the support you need to lose extra weight, and the skills and know-how to manage your weight for life. The program may be consisting of combinations of 2 or more.

This program is ideal for people who are concerned about how their weight is affecting their health and want to change their lifestyle for the better. Holistic medicine aims always for balance, so we've designed a holistic weight loss program that strengthens your body, mind and soul.

After our advanced exam, Body Composition Analysis and careful consideration of individual’s unique condition, our weight loss management specialist will create an appropriate plan to achieve your individual weight loss goals.

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Good Day Weight Loss Management Programs  

The program may be consisting of combinations of 2 or more depending onindiviual's unique condition.

Weight Loss Acupuncture

Oriental Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss

Liver detoxification

Intestinal Cleanse

Endermologie Body Sculpting

Nutritional counseling

Fitness Exercises
- Diet Power Yoga / Zumba / Personal Fitness Training


*Disclaimer: May not be available depending on practitioners availability.Call for more information. TEL: 703-914-4663